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May 12, 2011


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So, yeah...

Yesterday was interesting. I found out that John Paul II was beatified by the Church and that Osama Bin Laden was killed by Navy SEALs. It was a very big day... all in all.

But there was something even more interesting that happened.

I got a couple notes recently involving some user on DA who is infamous for having an Encyclopedia Dramatica page... (though I never heard of her until a few days ago...) These notes were telling me about the troll drama she gets.

This user is KessieLou.

I checked out her page... and gosh! I have so much to say about this person... based on what I've seen.

From what I can tell, she's obsessed with Oswald/Francine, (from "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit") and I mean, OBSESSED!!

But y'know... that's cool. We all have obsessions...

But here's the problem.

KessieLou doesn't like Oswald/Ortensia... in fact, she hates the couple.

Why? Because they can't reproduce... because Oswald's a rabbit and Ortensia's a cat.

I need to point out, this girl has a ton of human Mary-Sue OCs which she pairs off with anthropomorphic characters. And she ships Horace Horsecoller/Clarabelle Cow...


Last time I checked, KessieLou, humans and cartoon animals can't reproduce either... nor can a cow and a horse... so, by your reasoning, you should hate all those couples too.

It makes no sense either because she made a stamp saying toons don't need logic. If that's true, why can't a cat and rabbit fall in love?

Why KessieLou?

I can accept someone preferring a couple over another... but her reasons for disliking this couple make no sense at all.

I've only seen clips of "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit..." and I gotta say, I prefer Ortensia (or Sadie, as she was once called.) She was more developed and was his girlfriend for quite a long time. Plus, her design is obviously what inspired Dot Warner of the "Animaniacs" and Minnie Mouse. She's cute... and Oswald loved her. What more can I say? The couple's adorable.

Plus, in the game "Epic Mickey", (which I have not played yet...) she and Oswald are a couple. HOW CUTE!! :love:

Oh, but KessieLou hates "Epic Mickey" for ruining her OTP... and decided to make a sequel wherein Oswald leaves Ortensia and his children (yes, Oswald and Ortensia have kids in "Epic Mickey", thus proving that inter-species couples can reproduce in cartoons) and goes for Franny. That is shit...

No man should leave his wife/girlfriend and children for another woman... cartoon or not.

Oh... but it gets better. She thinks Ortensia should be paired with Felix the Cat... because they're both cats.

Because who cares about Kitty Kat or that princess Felix fell for in the movie? He's totally in love with Ortensia.


By that logic, (cat with cat) why not pair her with Sylvester of "Looney Tunes" or Tom from "Tom and Jerry?"

Hell! She could just write a story where Ortensia's whoring around with both. She hates this cat enough, I could totally see that happening.

Sense. Her logic makes none.

I really don't get why she has so many fans either... her artwork's mediocre at best. I mean, it'd be impressive for a 5th grader... but she's in her 20's. She's probably older than I am and yet I can draw way better than she can. Sure, I have flaws in my artwork... but they don't stick out like hers do.

In my opinion, she sort of asked for all the crap she gets. She's way too defensive of her OTPs and she acts like a child when someone raises points for why they like a couple she dislikes.

All in all, I have no reason to defend her. And I can kind of understand why people would dislike her.

I do think they're a bit harsh at times... but it's the internet. That happens all the time.

If you like her/wanna defend her, good for you. I don't... so stop sending me notes asking me to defend her.

P.S., Encyclopedia Dramatica still exists if you're interested in checking her page out... just put ".ch" instead of ".com" and you're golden.

EDIT: OH HO HO!! Kids, shit just got real.

KessieLou had the brilliant shitty idea to pair off Jojo from "Horton Hears a Who" with May from "Pokemon."


Why? Because they look cute together.


She also claims that the reason she hates Cindy/Jojo is because of the age gap... 'cause Cindy Lou Who was no more than two, remember?

I politely pointed out that that makes no sense because Jojo was like, three/four originally and therefore would have no issue being paired with Cindy Lou.

In fact, here's a fanart I drew, just to prove there's nothing wrong with Cindy/Jojo... porcelain-requiem.deviantart.c…

She flagged the comments as spam... even though I wasn't spamming.

Good thing I saved 'em...

Here they are transcribed...

What is this? I don't even--


Yes, screw Ash and Drew... she clearly wants someone smaller than a dust speck!


You do realize that the original Jojo was like, three or four... right?…

So, technically May's robbing the cradle...

She graced the first comment with a reply, (even though she flagged it) but she didn't with the other.

Here was her response...

No this is an aluterd universe, where the who are actually bigger on off-screen then they were in the movie.

So, here were my responses...

Why go to all that trouble for some random ass couple that makes no sense?

Plus, you never did reply to my point about Jojo being three/four in the original...

Then, the awesome Kell0x appeared...

you shouldn't flag people's comments when they just make a good point and/or disagree with you. That's rude not to mention that's not spam.

That comment was made of win... I said this...

Flagging my valid point as spam and not even acknowledging it?

That's very immature of you. How old are you, five?

Y'know... when someone corrects me on an error/points something out, I don't flag it.

All I said was that Jojo was three/four originally. There's no denying that... as a Seuss buff, I know this.

So, Cindy/Jojo makes a lot of sense.

She's very immature... why does she have fans? Seriously...

I think she's an immature brat who can't handle any other point of view... and that she chooses to ignore everyone who disagrees with her, even if they're being polite.

EDIT: KessieLou graced me with a response to my flagged my valid point about Cindy/Jojo... she said this...

In the movie Jojo was 14. So I only paired May up with the movie Jojo.

And you diudn't mention that, all you said was an insult to the stamp.

I said this...

I mentioned it on the other image... which you never replied.

I was in shock... forgive me. I've never seen a more mashed up and confused couple.

I also asked why she flagged me... she said this.

Because you were making a "privite"-size joke in the last comment.

I did no such thing. I have no idea why she'd even assume that. Does she think I'm a perv??

All I said was that Jojo was smaller than a dust speck. I wasn't making a penis joke... I was stating a fact. He lived on a dust speck!

Her logic equals no...

Oh, I bet she will flag these ones too... then say I was making dead baby jokes...

EDIT: I have been blocked by KessieLou! :iconohohoplz: I am awesome!

Anyhoo... until the next fail, I bid you adieu.

TTFN :penguin:
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KFCMiyu Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
She's too old to be doing these type of things. She needs to suck it up, and grow up. People have different opinions. 
MadameRobelina Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
İ Have To Confess Something İ Used To Defend her When i first came here and at First İ Thought she is nice but in 2012/2013 i Discoverd her True Colors :no: i was İnsecure About Her Opinions i know we have all our own opinions on something but if somebody rubs it in the Face (in a bitchy way that is) then thats going to far and Realize Now About that Oswald x Ortensia Thingy
man wish i opened my sooner About How she is a Hypocrite and Despicable

and Immature Not to forget

(sorry if i said something Weird )

Mina-Foxkey-Star Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I used to think she had cool art and cool interpretations of TTA characters, but now her attitude has gone worse. And it's a shame to see people like her with strong opinions, and that she of course abuses the block button.
AClockworkKitten Mar 22, 2013  Student General Artist
About her art, yeah, it's nothing to sneeze at, and for someone that's been doing it for seven or so years, you'd think it would be a lot better.

Yeah, my art is not much better sadly, but I have just gotten into this, and I think I've shown a lot of improvement.
AClockworkKitten Mar 13, 2013  Student General Artist
Have you played Epic Mickey yet? I love that game.
Porcelain-Requiem Mar 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't play games much, but I enjoy watching.
AClockworkKitten Mar 13, 2013  Student General Artist
Cool. I love your art. I'm just learning, but hey, unlike Sony-Mae, I think I've really improved since I came here. I'm gonna watch you.
ErraticBASARAfan Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Sony-Mae was banned? Too bad i never realized who she really was.
Porcelain-Requiem Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's not banned. She just changed her name.
ErraticBASARAfan Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
What is more i never experienced any open hostility from her. I saw this Encyclopędia Dramatica article though, painting her as a spoiled brat with many undeserved "fantards", something i instead suspect Tiny-Toons-Fan to hold in possession.
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