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November 25, 2011


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Ah! Yesterday was a very interesting Thanksgiving indeed. I had two dinners (one with my family and one with my fiance's family) and got a special treat for dessert...


Allow me to pull you into the way back machine for a moment.

AlbinoTanuki, also known as AinuPrincess, has had an odd history with me here on DA. She originally threw a hissy fit over my one image of Taran from "The Black Cauldron" calling Kayley from "Quest for Camelot" a copycat. Apparently, her butthurt spawned because she was a fan of that shitty movie and couldn't accept someone disliking it.

COPYCAT by Porcelain-Requiem
This apparently makes QfC fans cry...

Now, I simply held my own during the debate (which I did hide due to how ancient the fight was.) But then, she accused me of ripping off the movie because my one character, Darryn was blind and had long hair.

Kiss from a Bird... by Porcelain-Requiem
If that's true, then I ripped off the bird from "Snow White" and the clouds from "Dumbo" too.

She actually stole one of my Darryn images too and manipulated it into her own copycat thing. Fortunately, it got taken down so fast, God was still in the process of lighting His holy cigar when it was removed.

After all that, I told her I wasn't angry and just left things be. Apparently, my being a bigger person wasn't enough. She created her new account, AlbinoTanuki, and decided to randomly try and find things to pick fights over.

Fortunately, I managed to counter her BS quickly whenever she struck, but then she saw a stamp I favorited...


She then threw a hissy fit and sent me a slew of stupid ass notes.

Now look, I am not saying, "Go bully gay people just because they're gay." My attitude is simply this. If you're acting like you deserve to be treated like a special snowflake JUST because you are gay, then you deserve the shit you get.

I can respect somebody for being gay, but I don't give them special treatment for it. It's just common sense that you save your special respect for higher authorities... a doctor, or a mathematical genius just to name a few.

Also, this is just my opinion. I'm not forcing this cow or anyone here to agree with me. I feel the same way about those crazed Christians who try to beat the love of God into gays and change them. They deserve whatever flack they get.

So, after I went back and forth with her some more, she blocked me and wrote this...… BAWLEETED!

I just love how she tries to paint herself as the victim here, when she started it by basically claiming I was being horrible for liking this stamp.

But the good news is there are MOAR LULZ!! Christmas came early here!…


Seriously though, I have OCD and anxiety... and I can safely say I don't use it as an excuse for my bad behavior. Someone needs to grow up...

Also, her reasoning is just dumb. The person who made the stamp said it can apply to ANY sexuality. I am aware of this.

EDIT: So, I guess AlbinoTanuki deactivated for some odd reason?

I told her (after she finally unblocked me and sent me a BAWW note) that I didn't care about this crap anymore and that she needed to get herself together before judging others - because she was still trying to play the victim card - and she just up and deactivated like I just killed her, claiming I wouldn't forgive her...

But I told her it was over and done with in a note... which pretty much made it clear that all was forgiven. I admit, I didn't sugar coat my words, so that's probably what pissed her off. So, my brutal honesty won the day yet again!

I feel a strange mix of accomplishment and confusion right now... it has been an interesting Thanksgiving weekend.

My only regret is how much I'll miss these lulz... but the fail winds must blow onward.

Anyhoo, Advent is starting this Saturday night and Christmas is coming. So, who knows? Maybe I'll get even MOAR LULZ for Christmas!


Oh wait...


Until the next fail my loves, be safe.


And, in other news!

My group, Solid-Rose is having their first contest.

Please, click here for all the details.…

Until there's more to say...

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Camwoodstock Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2011
I know, this has nothing to do with this, but kphoria has an ED article :D

Porcelain-Requiem Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I saw. It was quite lulzy.
Camwoodstock Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2011
Oh yeah. How do you tick kphoria off?
Porcelain-Requiem Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I existed... seriously, I said nothing to him and he blocked me.
Camwoodstock Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2011
o_o Thats odd. Well, I ticked off kaiju.
GiantPurpleCat Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011  Student Filmographer
She does need to grow up.

Also, I am a Christian and I don't beat the love of God into them. Heck, I have gay friends and I'm OK with that. =P
Porcelain-Requiem Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Same here. I'm just not a big supporter of gay marriage... state unions don't bother me too much though.
Aw man, I thought it was going to be another fanboy. XD Oh well.

As for the stamp, I hate that kind of crap. Especially when they start acting like EVERYTHING is different for them. I saw a conversation online where a girl was asking people how long they waited before they told someone they loved them, and some girl wrote, "Uh, I told my girlfriend I loved her after about 4 weeks, but I'm a lesbian so that's probably four months in straight folks time."

Bull. Time does not bend for your sexuality. And I'm pretty sure it's impossible to fall in love in just a month.
Porcelain-Requiem Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think I told my fiance I loved him around our first month, because I felt I'd known him longer.

So, does that make me a lesbian by that person's logic? Because she seems to think straight people can't profess their feelings that quickly.
I suppose so. :XD:

I've never been in love, (and honestly, I don't really want to be) but I always thought unless you've known this person for awhile, love takes a long time. Eh, I guess I won't really know until it happens.
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